oncology nurse salary
Oncology Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

An oncology nurse’s salary in the US can range from $94,494 to $161,377 – taking in the average base salary[1]. Alongside, an oncology rn benefits from several non-cash remunerations including 410(k) matching by their employer. With overtime, the oncology nurse salary per hour can increase by 2-3 fold (for every hour). So, if you’ve been […]

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pediatric nurse salary
Pediatric Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

If you’re considering the field of pediatric nursing or are already into it, it may have crossed your mind: “Do pediatric nurses make good money?”. Per Indeed[1], the average base salary of a pediatric nurse can range from $88,673 to $193,190 annually. Not bad. Actually, while excelling as a pediatric nurse practitioner would require you […]

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Ultrasound technician
Ultrasound Technician: Career and Guide

Who would have thought the back in the 19th century when the development of SONAR was initiated to study sound, that some hundred years down the line, the same technology would allow doctors to see the insides of the human body without any invasive procedures? Today, ultrasound technology has been adopted across the healthcare community […]

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Nursing Resume Skills
Nursing Resume Skills That Really Matter in 2024

Imagine a pile of nursing resumes on a hiring manager’s desk, each vying for attention. In such a scenario, what makes your resume stand out? As a nurse in 2024, it’s about highlighting the right mix of skills for nursing resume that resonates with the evolving healthcare sector needs. This article delves into the essential […]

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Critical Care Nurse
A Day in the Life of a Critical Care Nurse: Challenges and Rewards

Alright, so we’ve all binge-watched those medical dramas that have us on the edge of our seats, right? Doctors rushing to code blues, passionately advocating for their patients, and pulling off life-saving procedures like it’s just another day at the office. But guess what? In real life, it’s the critical care nurses who own that […]

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nurse burnout
Nurse Burnout: Warning Signs and Prevention Techniques

We can all relate to the feeling of returning home after a long day of work, and wanting to fall face-first on the bed and grab some zzzs, can’t we? But what if you suddenly start feeling fatigued and irritable all the time? What if you suddenly feel unmotivated to do basic tasks and have […]

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Surgical portfolio
Building a Portfolio: A Must for Aspiring Surgeons

In the world of medicine, the construction of a robust professional portfolio is a crucial foundation for career advancement. For aspiring surgeons in particular, a well-crafted portfolio is a comprehensive showcase of their skills, experiences, and professional milestones. It is a testament to their readiness for the demanding world of surgery. Portfolio building in the […]

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Navigating Career Paths in Healthcare: How to Choose Your Specialization

The healthcare industry is a vast and ever-evolving field, offering an array of career opportunities that go beyond traditional roles like doctors and nursing jobs. This sector encompasses a multitude of paths ranging from clinical care, research, and administration to cutting-edge areas like health informatics and biomedical engineering. Each specialization demands unique skills and knowledge […]

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certified registered nurse anesthetist
How to Become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Steps and Requirements

As Dr. Jean Watson put it, ‘Caring is the essence of nursing.’ Indeed, patient comfort and safety is a defining standard of healthcare. And do you know who does most of the heavy lifting in that regard? It’s nurses, of course! Whether it’s in an operating room or a hospital wing, you’ll always find a […]

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licensed vocational nurses
Guide for Licensed vocational nurses – Salary and career

The need for quality healthcare in the United States is always urgent and in the last five years, has been exponentially increased. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for careers as a vocational nurse are likely to increase by 11% in the coming decade. If you are interested in becoming a registered vocational […]

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